Covid-19 essential items to buy online

Covid-19 essential items to buy online | list of essential items during covid

In this post, we are gonna take a look at the list of ten products which are useful and which are necessary to use during these covid situations. 

You can easily order them online and get them delivered at your doorsteps, the pricing range will be budget-friendly.  

list of essential items during covid in India 2021

Here's the complete list of the products which are needed and are available to buy online.

1. Pulse Oximeter
Pulse oximeter

The most life-saving gadget to have for covid patients, it is the device that monitors the amount of oxygen carried in the blood of the body.

It helps us to alert that the patient is going to have difficulty in breathing and needs oxygen support or ventilator support.

How to use a pulse oximeter correctly?

  • Insert the battery at the back of the oximeter
  • Switch it ON
  • Open the clip from the bottom edge
  • Now place your right hand or left hand (first or second) finger

Normal Range: 94 -100  (if the range goes below 94 contact nearest covid center / helpline) 

2. Digital Thermometer ( For fever )

It is a physical instrument to monitor the temperature of the body in case of fever, one needs to measure the temperature to determine the severity of fever such as (mild, moderate, high).

How to use a digital thermometer in the mouth?
  • Open your mouth 
  • Put the covered tip of the thermometer inside your mouth under the tongue
  • Close your lips
  • Keep it until the thermometer make a beep sound
  • Read the temperature

3. Infrared thermometer (forehead)
Infrared Thermometer

An Infrared thermometer is used to measure the temperature by non-contact technology, it is like a gun shape and is pointed towards the forehead. 

The forehead non-contact thermometer can be used by a distance of 1-2 inches, the readings are accurate and it helps us to maintain a distance from the people who might have covid symptoms.

4. Hand Sanitizer ( Skin-Friendly)
Liquid hand sanitizer

Another most common and necessary item to have is a powerful disinfectant liquid (sanitizer) which should be skin-friendly as most people have different types of skin nature.

Using the most appropriate Govt. approved sanitizer can help us to keep viruses and bacteria away and without harming the skin. 

Alternate Options:

5. N-95 Resiporator Face mask
N-95 facemask

Another most important thing to have is an N-95 mask, it is highly recommended to wear only an N-95 mask because it's the only lab-tested face mask that protects us from viruses.

Using a surgical mask that is cheap to afford does not provide protection as that of an N-95 face mask.

6. Immuniveda Kadha (Family pack)

An ayurvedic recipe powder made up of various ayurvedic herbs such as (Black pepper, Giloy, Manuka, Tulsi, Yestimadhu, Amla, Ginger, Cinnamon, Ashwagandha) 

The power of these herbs helps us to boost our immunity against the covid and various other viruses and common cold flu. 

It is a traditional medicine that helps us to get relief from common cold symptoms and boost our immunity to fight these viruses.

Alternate Options:

7. Giloy Tablet or Juice (Immunity Booster)
Giloy Juice

Giloy is a powerful ayurvedic herb that helps to boost immunity in our body to fight against the covid or common cold viruses. 

Drinking Giloy Juice or Giloy Tablet provided huge health benefits, especially in covid patients.

Health experts recommended taking this two times per day to help to recover more faster. 

8. Chyawanprash (Dabur)

For stronger immunity, this can help you to build and create a stronger immunity to fight the illness, it also helps to improve stamina and strength of the body.

You can take this one spoon with milk or without milk at night after your dinner and medicines.

Alternate Options:

9. Face shield (Transparent Face cover) 


Apart from the facemask that only protects you to cover your nose and mouth Faceshield covers the full face and creating an obstruction to the bacteria and viruses outside.

This can reduce the effort of cleaning your masks every time. Use this when stepping outside of your house or while riding or driving. It's easy to use and gets fit on any face type. 

Alternate Options:

10. Steam Inhaler / Vaporizer

steam inhaler

It's the part of your daily medicine routine while suffering from the illness due to covid or a common cold, this machine can be a life saving for your lungs.

Using Steam Inhaler 3 times a day can get you relief on your lungs, helps you to get recover quickly, and kills the infection caused by the viruses in your lungs.

How to use a steam inhaler?

  • Firstly take a jar of that steam inhaler pour some liquid 
  • Add one steam medicated capsule to the liquid-filled jar
  • Connect all the parts of the steam inhaler 
  • Locate the nearest electric point and plugin 
  • It will take 1-2 minutes to get the warm vapors out 
  • Use a towel and properly cover the area so that vapors won't get spread

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You will get fine, things will get good, please don't panic and follow the healthy lifestyle make sure to help others and come together to fight with this covid virus.

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